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Platinum Digital Store Bundle


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Store Setup [$21.50 Value]
(x2) T-Shirt Mockup Designs [$14.00 Value]
(x2) Hoodie Mockup Design [$14.00 Value]
(x4) Sticker Mockup Design [$28.00 Value]
(x1) Mask Mockup Design [$7.00 Value]

(x1) Tank Top Mockup Design [$7.00 Value]
(x1) Sweatshirt Mockup Design [$7.00 Value]

(x1) Zip Up Hoodie Mockup Design [$7.00 Value]
(x1) Polo Shirt Mockup Design [$7.00 Value]
(x1) Bomber Jacket Mockup Design [$7.00 Value]
(x1) Windbreaker Mockup Design [$7.00 Value]
(x1) Shorts Mockup Design [$7.00 Value]

(x1) Snapback Hat Mockup Design [$7.00 Value]
(x1) Dad Hat Mockup Design [$7.00 Value]
(x1) Baseball Hat Mockup Design [$7.00 Value]
(x1) Backpack Mockup Design [$7.00 Value]
(x1) Drawstring Bag Mockup Design [$7.00 Value]
(x1) Custom Sublimated Short Sleeve Jersey Mockup Design [$70.00 Value]
(x1) Custom Sublimated Long Sleeve Jersey Mockup Design [$75.00 Value]
(x1) Custom Sublimated Hoodie Mockup Design [$80.00 Value]
(x1) Custom Sublimated Jacket Mockup Design [$75.00 Value]
(x1) Custom Sublimated Sweatpants Mockup Design [$35.00 Value]
(x1) Custom Sublimated Mouse Pad Mockup Design [$35.00 Value]
(x1) Custom Sublimated Flag Mockup Design [$35.00 Value]

[Total Value: $573.50 | Total Savings: $258.50]

Open your own merchandise line today! You will be able to select from our wide selection of products in our product catalog. Once you complete your purchase you will need to provide the artwork you would like used for your merchandise mock ups. Please email your vectored design to You will also need to join our Discord here and create a store ticket to work with our designers.

Please refer to our artwork guidelines before purchasing.

*Vector Design/Logo:

If you do not have a vectored version of your design or logo then we would recommend getting it vectorized here.

*Design & Store Setup Timeline:

The design process varies based on our design que which can take up to 10 - 20 business days and the store setup process can also take up to 10 business days after the completion of the design process. The timeline is case by case based on the number of products you are wanting to have added to your store and the response time in between. In order to ensure we adhere to this timeline you must be prompt in your responses back to our feedback and any delays in response will delay the process.

*Product Color & Design Size/Placement Proofing:

This process occurs prior to the official release of your merchandise store. You will need to approve the colors for all sublimation designs and for general apparel you will need to approve of the sizing of the print size.

*Commission & Discount Percentages and Payouts:

You will receive a 5% commission for all products sold in your store and you will also receive a 5% discount code for your fan base. If you are wanting additional discount codes for yourself or for your team members you will need to put a request in during the store creation process. *Note: You will not be able to track more than one code.* Store owners are paid via PayPal or via Aporia Customs Gift Cards on the first business day of every month for the sales that have cleared from their store three months prior. Payments are made by the end of business day, PST.

*Commission Tier Structure:

Tier 1 - Start with a 5% Commission, Tier 2 - $10,000 in total sales for the fiscal year to reach 10% Commission, Tier 3 - $25,000 in total sales for the fiscal year to reach 15% Commission, Tier 4 - $50,000 in total sales for the fiscal year to reach 20% Commission, and Tier 5 - $100,000+ in total sales for the fiscal year to reach 25% Commission.

*Disclaimer: When you purchase this digital store bundle you are not purchasing the physical products you are only buying the digital designs, so they will be set up on your store to purchase and sell. Due to the inaccuracies of the printing process, some products may not match the intended design due to the following factors: fabrics, colors, size, and placement. By purchasing a printed product, you understand and accept this possibility. For the best results, provide an ai, eps, or SVG file. If you provide a png, jpg, or PSD, there is no guarantee that the product will be of the highest quality due to the nature of these files. These files are locked at a pixel ratio that cannot be altered and may cause a blurry printed image.

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Store Setup [$21.50 Value](x2) T-Shirt Mockup Designs [$14.00 Value](x2) Hoodie Mockup Design [$14.00 Value](x4) Sticker Mockup Design [$28.00 Value](x1) Mask Mockup Design [$7.00 Value](x1) Tank Top Mockup Design [$7.00 Value](x1) Sweatshirt Mockup Design [$7.00 Value](x1) Zip Up Hoodie Mockup Design [$7.00 Value] (x1) Polo Shirt Mockup Design [$7.00 Value](x1) Bomber Jacket Mockup Design [$7.00 Value](x1) Windbreaker Mockup



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