About Us

We, at Aporia Customs, specialize in the mechanics & customization of all custom gaming equipment and apparel using the highest quality material offered and taking great pride in our hand crafted work. We have developed one of the greatest selections of products offered within the gaming industry. We have been fully operational since 2012 and have created a team full of the most creative minds. While we grow and learn every single day, we do consider ourselves to be the worlds best one stop gaming shop. We have fully embodied what it means to provide everything possible for gamers, streamers, and organizations all in one place.  

Aporia Customs was founded by Anthony Scalzi at the young age of 13 back in 2010. With little to no help, he took his small business international! His competitive nature and attitude led him to making his dream into a reality. 

He always says, “A job is not a job if you love it. It’s just a hobby you get paid for."