How long does production take?

Our current production time frame is between 22-44 business days (Monday - Friday).
Keep in mind that production & shipping are two separate processes. Paying for faster shipping does not mean your order will go into and wrap up production faster. 

Do you ship to my Country?

Of course we do! We ship worldwide. 

Will I be charged International Customs fees?

There is the possibility of customs fees/duties/VAT for international buyers. These potential fees are not included in your shipping costs and vary from country to country. You can easily check with your local post on what gets taxed coming into your country. Should you get charged any kind of fee when your parcel is at customs, this fee is your responsibility as the buyer. 

I haven’t received my package, now what?

Being our production time frame is between 22-44 business days, it can take up to 44 business days for us to get you that tracking number. With that being said, your shipping time does not start until that tracking number shows the first scan, meaning its been picked up from the post office. From there, your package will arrive within the shipping time frame allotted by the method you chose at checkout. If you have not received your tracking number within the 44 business days of placing the order OR your package has not been delivered, please email us over at info@aporiacustoms.com and we’ll take a look at what’s going on!

Is your apparel made in the United States?

Everything except the sublimated products are manufactured here in the United States. 



What kind of files do you require for the design process?

The design files that we require are .ai, .eps, .svg, and .pdf. 

We do not recommend sending over a .png or .jpg; but we will work with those files. If you are sending over a .png or .jpg file, you as the customer are releasing Aporia Customs of any liability if the final product does not come out the way the design was produced. 

We can take your .png or .jpg and convert it to .ai for an additional fee.

Can I send you references to have a design created?

Yes you can. Once you have purchased a design you will be put in contact with one of our designers who will go through the process with you in detail. 

How long will it take to get my designs done?

Designs can take anywhere from 5 to 10 business days after you have submitted your files to our designer. It may take longer if the revisions requested are extensive. 


How long will it take to get my store setup?

Once you’re totally happy with the designs that our designer made for you & your store, one of our Store Managers will be thrown into the loop! The Store Manager will send you over a form to fill out with some basic questions about the store you’re opening up and once that’s sent back to us, it takes about a week to get your store live.


 Where is my Transaction ID?

  1. Login to PayPal
  2. Find the payment to Apria Customs
  3. Click the payment to open it up
  4. Between the payment date & the amount you will see the Transaction ID. 

Can I change my order once it has already been placed?

You MUST contact us within 48 hours to have anything changed on the order. 

Once that 48 hour period has passed, your order is sent in for processing and cannot be adjusted in any way.