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Store Setup
(x2) D&D Logo T-Shirt Designs
(x2) D&D Logo Hoodie Designs
(x1) D&D Logo Snapback Hat Design
(x1) D&D Logo Dad Hat Design
(x2) D&D Logo Sticker Designs
(x1) D&D Logo Polo Shirt Design
(x1) D&D Logo Windbreaker Design
(x1) D&D Logo Bomber Jacket Design
(x1) D&D Logo Zip Up Hoodie Design

(x1) D&D Logo Backpack Design
(x1) Sublimated Short Sleeve Jersey Design
(x1) Sublimated Long Sleeve Jersey Design
(x1) Sublimated Hoodie Design
(x1) Sublimated Sweatpants Design
(x1) Sublimated Flag Design


*Disclaimer: When you purchase this package you are not purchasing the physical products you are only buying the digital designs, so they will be setup on your store to purchase and sell.Due to the inaccuracies of the printing process, some products may not match the intended design due to the following factors: fabric, colors, size, and placement. By purchasing a printed product, you understand and accept this possibility. For the best results, provide an ai, eps, or SVG file. If you provide a png, jpg, or PSD, there is no guarantee that the product will be of the highest quality due to the nature of these files. These files are locked at a pixel ratio that cannot be altered and may cause a blurry printed image.

Design timeline is up to 8 business days and store setup takes place after which is up to 5 business days

You will receive a 10% commission for all products sold in your store and you will also receive a 5% discount code for your fan base. The commission is paid out VIA PayPal or Gift Card at this time and payouts are sent out at the end of each month. Tier 1 - Start with a 10% Commission, Tier 2 - $2,500 in total sales to reach 15% Commission, Tier 3 - $5,000 in total sales to reach 20% Commission, Tier 4 - $7,500 in total sales to reach 25% Commission, and Tier 5 - $10,000+ in total sales to reach 30% Commission.



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Store Setup (x2) D&D Logo T-Shirt Designs (x2) D&D Logo Hoodie Designs (x1) D&D Logo Snapback Hat Design (x1) D&D Logo Dad Hat Design (x2) D&D Logo Sticker Designs (x1) D&D Logo Polo Shirt Design(x1) D&D Logo Windbreaker Design(x1) D&D

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