Quick Information

  • Production Process
  • Production takes 22-44 business days due to all the products and services we offer. Since all orders are custom made, depending on the items purchased and the quantity of products purchased, production time frames can vary. Delays can occur due to high volume orders, as well as due to holiday surplus shopping or if certain products/sizes are out of stock. All delays that heavily impact production times will be communicated.

    We order blanks for all non-sublimated products every Monday as we do not hold inventory. So all orders placed later in the week will enter production the following Tuesday-Wednesday.

  • Shipping Timelines & International Customs
  • For all domestic shipping, shipping times can take 3-5 business days; And for international orders, it could take 7-10 business days through the USPS shipping method. If any customers select DHL it could take 3-5 business days for international shipping. We are based in the United States and when we ship internationally, your customers will be responsible for paying any duties and taxes to have it cleared through international customs so they can receive their package. *Note: If they refuse to pay the taxes/fees from their country, the shipping company will return it back to us.

  • Size Chart
  • When your customers are selecting their sizes on our website please make sure to inform them that they need to look at our size charts due to the fact that our size charts for our sublimated products are all custom. Whereas for general apparel there are set size charts for selected brands we print on such as (Next Level, Gildan, Champion, & etc).  


  • Washing Instructions
  • Wash inside-out with cold water, air dry (recommended) or tumble dry low. No bleach, no fabric softener, and no dry cleaning. Do not iron directly onto the print. For best results, don’t wash with other colored garments on its first wash.

  • Customer Service
  • We strive to make sure that we can provide everyone with all the information they need for their order. Whether its questions about the status of an order or for assistance in finding information on our website. Informing your community that the best way to contact us is via email info@aporiacustoms.com or they can join our Discord: https://discord.gg/AEfPzK6 and open a ticket to get assistance with their order/questions. If they contact us via social media they will be redirected to our email or Discord for further assistance so our customer support team can help them.

    Brand Guidelines

    We provide all our logos and pre-made video intros to utilize for all your needs. So whether you are live-streaming or making a video on Youtube, you can let all know who made your merch and where they can get it.

    You can also utilize our branding when making posts on social media wearing and promoting your merchandise, as well as tagging our socials to allow us to help support and increase web traffic and engagement by reposting, liking, and/or commenting.

    Taking the extra step to create video advertisements, commercials, and photos will help enhance your marketing capabilities. Having yourself, friends, and members of your community modeling and becoming involved more with your brand will help establish it more. If you submit photos of your merchandise being modeled, it can be reviewed then approved to be added to your product image gallery. This will encourage more people to buy your merchandise when seeing how it looks on a person’s body along with what the product looks like in real life.

    Including links to your merchandise store with a panel will help more users engage with your merchandise line. Mentioning this at least 1-3 times on stream is helpful to remind them, mentioning it too much can lead to people not being interested if you are sounding like a salesperson.

    Terms & Conditions

    Terms & Conditions

    Most people do not read our terms and conditions, but it is important to advocate to people to read them to protect Aporia Customs and your personal brand for any and all liabilities. All customers are required to check a box off stating they read and agree to our terms and conditions, so whether they read them or not it protects Aporia Customs and your brand.

    Note any designs made by us for use towards your store, we own all rights to those designs exclusively on our website alone. However, should you wish to, you are able to purchase the full rights to the designs to use wherever you want.

    We do reserve the right to discontinue any product or service at any time with no prior notification or alert to the store owner.

    Return/Refund Policy

    Due to the fact that all items are custom made for your brand, we do not carry stock of your products. We order products on an order to order basis, so we do not offer a return/refund to our customer base. In rare instances, we will review each issue on a case by case decision where we can make an exception or compromise for the customer if they should experience an issue. As always we want all our customers to have a very good experience.


    All changes or cancelations need to be made within 24 hours of the original order. After this 24 hour window no changes or cancelations can be made as the order will go into production.

    Acts of God/Nature

    Anything that is an act of God or nature that we have no control over will implement special conditions for our business operations.