Chief Executive Officer

You have to work for everything in life, nothing is ever handed to you for free. As long as I have been in business I have always had to earn everything that I worked for. I never let anything get in my way as long as I was focused on my goals. With little to no help, I was able to successfully grow my own company to an international business. I am personally a very competitive person who believes that if you put enough heart and soul into something you will gain so much more and become successful at what you love. I always say, “A job is not a job if you love it. It’s just a hobby you get paid for”.

Chief Operating Officer

My name is Ismail Hussain, I have 4 years of experience in the esports industry consisting of designing merchandise, production managemenent, customer support and product development.
I manage the day to day operations of the business.

Chief Marketing Officer

Tyler Rambuski-Salzman

Email: [email protected]



Director of Collegiate Program

We Do it Best. I've worked with Aporia Customs for several years prior to working FOR Aporia. I've owned a professional eSports organization, competed on a semi-professional level and now coach eSports at the Collegiate level while working for Aporia Customs to unleash current and future clients inner customs.

Store Manager

Hello! You probably know me by GlitchedSights online, but my name is Cody Groves. I have been working for Aporia Customs since September 2017. My position here is the store manager. So I am responsible for hiring and putting your professionally made products online! On top of working for Aporia Customs I am also a full time college student going for my Associates in Systems Administration. When I am not working or schooling I am playing CSGO, Old School RuneScape, or some other game that peaks my interest.

Director of Partners

Katherine Falcone

Email: [email protected]

Customer Service

My name is Laura Chaparro. I'm a customer service representative for Aporia Customs. I am an avid gamer and a people's person.


Apparel Designer

Cristian Santiago


A Graphic Designer with creative zeal for imaginative designs and logos, influenced by Japanese design. Growing up in Japan for six years has shaped my work ethics and design style.

Mascot Logo Designer

Michael Janz


My name is Mike. I've always loved the look of logos since I was a kid. I always drew them in school. 3 years ago I decided to take the plunge and study logo design. After a couple weeks, I got the hang of it and have been making logos ever since.