Used by a Wide Variety of Competitive Players

"No matter how tough the task, the crew at Aporia Customs never backs down from a challenge and consistently exceeds my expectations. When I asked Anthony and Nick if they could get an order turned around in time and delivered overseas in 2 weeks, they made it happen in half the time. Whether it be custom controllers or gear for your team, Aporia Customs is the first and only company you should be doing business with."

- F4H Motorsport

"I couldn't be more happier with Aporia Customs and there products. Pure quality in both products and the staff. I've worked with many different companies in this industry, but none of them can be compared to Aporia Customs. You can't get better than these guys."

- Hipks

"These guys are the best!! I was lucky enough to acquire a Tier 1 Sponsorship from Aporia Customs and what an incredible company this is. Genuine, kind individuals who want to help you and your business grow. From a business perspective, being able to customize the way MY store looks on their site was an amazing bonus. The quality of their product its fantastic, cozy, and made for distance. Would recommend Aporia Customs to everyone."

- MistaTicklez

"Between the amazing designs and the quality of the products, Aporia Customs blew me away. Everything I needed they had a solution and product for with reasonable prices. Unlike several of their competitors, Aporia offers products and excellent customer service that is not beatable in the industry."

- Brescia University

"We have enjoyed every minute being with Aporia Customs. They have always supported us and they work very hard on everything that they push out for both our brands. The quality of their apparel is incomparable to other companies in Esports industry. We can always count on Aporia Customs to come in the clutch when we need them to get things done for us!"

- Owner of JIVL Organization

"Anthony, here at Aporia Customs, has created an environment and a company that is to the highest quality. With our one year anniversary coming up with Aporia, we have never been interested in leaving and plan to remain with them as long as they continue to excel in the industry. Aporia Customs is also a great example of a successful business in its interior but also on its exterior, as their branding and brand image are supreme."

- Kyoto eSports CEO

"Working with everyone at Aporia Customs has been a genuine and honest experience. We were first approached by Anthony early 2018, when Defy Esports Bar first began emerging in the public’s eye. Suddenly, both of our companies has collided with bold and passionate energy that leaves us constantly striving for more. Whether it may be brainstorming new design tactics or developing branding direction, Aporia has not swayed from any challenge. If you’re looking for a hungry team that can take a few punches to deliver a quality experience and product to your doorstep, look no further. Aporia Customs is the company, the team, and the community to grow with. Thank you Team Aporia!"

- Defy Esports Bar

"On behalf of everyone at Team Cryptik, the decision to switch over to Aporia Customs as our apparel provider was one of the best we have made. In the past, we have worked with other well known apparel brands, but in my opinion none stack up to working with Aporia. When Aporia approached us with an amazing offer to help build our brand, tired of working with our previous provider, we happily made the switch. The Aporia Customs design team worked with us 100% of the way to make sure we got the perfect designs. It is important to note that Aporia Customs doesn’t look at us as a client, but instead as partners, including us in special events such as PAX East where they gave our management free passes to the event. One of the huge strengths of Aporia Customs is their communication with clients, their CEO Anthony makes this a huge priority in that we generally have at least one scheduled meeting per week. However, if you need to get in touch, their staff is always ready and will respond to your message ASAP. On behalf of Team CryptiK, I am very happy that we made the switch and we look forward to our continued partnership with Aporia Customs.

- Alex Martinage Owner Team CryptiK