Apparel Questions.


How long does production take?

Orders placed for sublimated products (Jerseys and Sublimated Hoodies & Jackets etc) may take 7–16 business days (Monday - Friday, excluding all U.S. federal holidays) to manufacture before shipping from our facilities.

Orders placed for regular products (t-shirts, hoodies, tank-tops, sweaters) may take 10–21 business days (Monday - Friday, excluding all U.S. federal holidays) to manufacture before shipping from our facilities.

All of our products are made to order. All custom and team store orders are FINAL SALE. No returns, exchanges or refunds will be given.


Do you ship to my Country?

We ship worldwide. We will not process orders that we know cannot be shipped.  At checkout we have various shipping methods based on different estimated delivery times.


Will I be charged International Customs fees?

On frequent occasions, there is the possibility of international customs fees for international buyers. The customs laws vary from country to country and we recommend you contact your customs office to find out the current import tax laws. These are not fees which are charged by Aporia Customs.


My Package Has Not Arrived.

Products can take up to 16 business days to clear production. If it has been longer than the allocated time for receiving your order and we have not contacted you at all then please feel free to contact us at @AporiaSupport. We aim to reply within 24 hours, Monday to Friday

Its near a holiday I don’t have my products!

Please note during holidays shipping maybe delayed.



What is Dye Sublimation?

Dye-Sublimation is a computer printer which uses heat to transfer dye onto materials such as a plastic, card, paper, or fabric.


What is the difference between Dye Sublimation and Non-Sublimation?

With our sublimated products we are able to 100% customize the entire piece of apparel in these certain aspects with design, color, and text. With our non-sublimated gear, we are restricted to a single color, logo, and text.


What kind of files do you require for the design process?

The design files that we require for you to provide to us are .ai .eps .svg and .pdf. We do not recommend .png and .jpg, but Aporia Customs will work with those files with the understanding that the customer releases Aporia Customs of any liability if the final product does not come out the way the design was produced. We can take your .png or .jpg and convert it to .ai for an additional fee.


Why can’t you use the files I provide to you?

We only use specific files to guarantee high-quality designs. We can take the design files you give us and use them as a concept or replicate the exact design for you in the proper format.


Why don’t I get the finished print file? I paid for it!

Aporia Customs holds the right to retain any and all designs made through Aporia Customs with your logo. We do not grant access to our printing procedures and other formats.


What materials are your sublimated products made with?

We use a wide range of customizable materials such as polyester, nylon, cotton, and spandex.


What materials do you use for your non-sublimated products?

We use a variation of multiple materials and blends containing cotton, polyester, nylon, and spandex.


Is your apparel made in the United States?

We have a warehouse located in the United States where we manufacture our general apparel. The sublimated products that we offer is made in our warehouse located in China and we are working on implementing our sublimation process in our US facility.


Controller Questions.


How long is the production time?

Production for controllers takes 15-20 business days.


What type of paint do you use?

We use acrylic enamel which is a type of hard, baked on paint that lasts a very long time. Most enamel paints are applied in two steps with a base coat and a clear top coat. Enamel paint is also available for at home use, in spray cans designed for use in spray paint guns.


Will the paint ever wear down?

The paint is long lasting and keeping it protected in a controller case would be ideal because it will protect it from sitting in the sunlight which can cause the colors to fade over time. Also if the controller is dropped on a hard surface, scuff marks and potential chipping is possible so treat your controller like a piece of art.


Will the paint chip?

The paint will not chip unless the controller is dropped, struck by a heavy force or thrown across the room when you rage quit after an intense game.


If I drop my controller will the paint job crack?

The controller will not crack unless it is dropped on a hard surface such as concrete or hardwood floor.


How durable is the controller?

The controller is very durable and long lasting. 


Can grease, chemicals, or any other substance wear down the paint job?

Over time it can damage the paint job on the controller and


Do you use original controllers?

Yes, we use officially licensed Microsoft and Sony controllers when we customize any new controller.


Can I use the Aporia Controllers at any Major or Local LAN Events?

You are able to use our controllers at MLG Events, UMG Events, MES Events, ETG Events, NJROD Events, and any other popular LAN tournament services.


Graphics Questions.


Can I send you references to have a design created?

Yes you can. Once you have purchased a design you will be put in contact with one of our designers, they  will ask you to email or fill out a form where you submit your .ai or other file types in this form or email. At this time you have the ability to give them a  concept reference(s) on what you would like your custom product to look like. Please note non-sublimated items have an 8 in x 11 in restraint. With sublimated products there is no design restrictions. You are given unlimited revisions (within reason) until you inform the designer to finalize the design. Once the design is finalized minor things can be changed such as sponsors, colors and logo. The base design concept cannot be changed.


Can I give you my logo to make a design with?

Yes you can. We use your logo and references to create your design and you get to sit down with our designer and make changes until you are happy.


How long will it take to get my designs done?

Designs take up to 5-8 business days after you have submitted your files to our designer, it may take longer due to revisions you would like to have done.


How long will it take to get my store setup?

Once all your designs are done our store manager will be added into the conversation via twitter or email. Our store manager will ask you to fill out a form about your store. Once that is complete its takes about 3-5 business days on average for your store to be live.


How to find your Transaction ID?

Login to PayPal, Find the payment where you paid Aporia, in the payment info you will find your transaction ID.


Placing An Order.


Do you have bundle packages?

Yes, click here.


Do you have a list of design prices?

Yes, click here.


How do I place an order?

There are two ways to place an order with Aporia Customs: You can order your products through your team store on the website or you can contact us directly through email or twitter to receive an invoice.


What is a bulk order?

A bulk order is an order of 10 or more of the same items going to the same address. For a bulk order we do offer a discounted rate. Those rates vary based on the products that you are wanting to order. The higher quantity the bigger discount we can offer to you.


Can I change my order once it has already been placed?

It is possible to change your information once you have placed the order. You will have approximately 24-48 hours to contact us, but if you order is processed it cannot be changed.


Is my credit card information secure & what types of payment methods do you accept??

We guarantee that every transaction you make at Aporia Customs will be 100% safe and secure thanks to encryption technology. Your personal information, including your credit card number, is protected from fraudulent use. This website is protected with SSL encryption, the highest standard in Internet security to protect customer information. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.


What is the difference between an affiliation, partnership, and sponsorship?

Our Affiliate program is the base line of starting out you receive a discount code and you market Apoira Customs.

Our partnership program is one step above our affiliate program. You have a store listed on our site with merchandise that you and your fans can buy and you receive commission on each order also receive additional perks.

Our Sponsorship Program is the highest one can achieve with Aporia Customs. Each sponsorship is unique to the individual or organization. Our sponsorship's are reserved for individuals or organization who compete at the highest level and succeed.


Warranty, Returns, Refunds, & Cancellations.



We can not repair any controllers after you receive them! But if you receive them damaged and you have proof on the day you received them. Then the seller Aporia Customs and the buyer can work something out, For example, if you somehow damage your controller, you can order a new one! For problems with the controllers please refer to the ‘Refund & Return’ section below.

Refund & Return:

If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, we will do everything within our power to ensure you get everything you need out of your controller and that all questions, concerns, and disputes are resolved in a timely and appropriate manner. We can not refund custom orders purchased directly from the seller, we can only refund pre-made designs with no alterations. If all the following rules apply, we will issue you a full refund as long as the controller are returned within 7 days of date received. Buyer is responsible for return shipping.


If you wish to cancel your order, please log into your account and refer to the ‘View Cart’ section. If your order confirmation has been received then we can not fully refund the order because you are purchasing a custom controller that is handmade, and is fully designed to the customers liking. We can offer a partial refund if your order status is either delayed or not processed. We can only fully cancel an order if the status is labeled ‘Processing’. Once we receive the order, we paint the controller, prepare it for shipment, and we go from there. If your order is received, and for whatever reason you wish to return it for a full refund, please note we do not refund custom orders but we do replace if it’s a matched price to another pre-made design. If you have any questions or concerns, please email [email protected]